British Monarchist League
Written in Honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee 2012
Thomas J. Muscatello DeLacroix Mills
Secretary General, The British Monarchist League 

In most nations, leaders come and leaders go
But on the world stage you are still producing our show
Something unique is happening as you continue your life-long reign
As you have brought your Britain home, to renewed world fame
The sudden loss of a king only healed and mended with time
Has lead to a reign celebrated and jubilantly marked with this rhyme
The decades have been filled with much excitement, celebration and loss
That whoever would have thought a travelling princess would return as boss
A long time indeed it has been since the year nineteen fifty-two
Starting out as separate entities within our nation, it is together that we grew
A Queen to her people in the beginning, always kept out of range
But over the last many decades there has been a noticeable change
No matter where you go, what you say, or what you do
You are the only one that the world’s leaders rightfully bow to
Possessing unthinkable know-how and the deepened skills of State
You have been bound to Britain and its people, for us a most fortunate fate
A superior stateswoman who has more than changed with the times
Means everything to this island nation of deep rooted history and cockney rhymes
Over Sixty years of the unexpected, you have always been ready
To us your people, always constant, formidable, absolute and steady
Seen as more than an icon, there is not one who does not know your face
But it is no longer for your beauty, your style or your integral grace
You have set forth the example of how we as a society should be
And it is with your help and understanding that we have been kept free
Decades of time you have dedicated to us your people
Never complaining about defending our laws or that cross on the steeple
Most things have changed drastically from what you once knew
But we as a people are especially lucky and blessed to have you
You have always given us everything you have had to give
And still you continue for us, your one and only life to live
Always asking so much of you, you expect very little in return
We can only say thank you by letting the celebratory beacons burn
The envy of the world – you are God’s true gift that we possess
As Britain would not be where it is today, if it were not you in that coronation dress
For as long as most of us can remember you have always been there
The mother our nation – we are ever grateful to have been entrusted to your care
From you over time we have taken many things away
But never have you been spiteful or changed the rules by which to play
Decommissioning your one true escape and forsaking your beloved boat
We can only begin to make up for it by crafting you a new Jubilee float
Undeserving we are of someone with your values so fair
We celebrate your love with cannons and fireworks in air
No matter what we have done, you have always displayed unconditional love
That to truly reign over us, it must take a lot of help from above
Despite the differences and the events that we have worked through
Never once were we meaning to mishandle or disrespect you
With the time that you have given and the hard work you continue to do
Let it be know the world over that Britain respects, loves and treasures you
Though selfish in a way we may want to be we cannot forget the Commonwealth
So from all of your people throughout the world we toast your lasting health
Six decades have passed and surely we would ask for sixty years more
As the heart, the soul and the voice of this nation what more could we ask for
This is the time for great celebration as this year is of course a milestone Jubilee
And as our British history reveals this time around for you makes three
Celebrating the year with diamonds instead of sparkling silver or shining gold
It is your story of the past sixty years that always and forever will be told
In the years to come, together we have so much more to explore
That with you directing our story we are safe not knowing what’s in store
You have served your people proud and are everything that we should be
And as a nation under one crown it is another similar occasion we expect to see
We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done
And we hope that this year will be one of exceptional fun
Thank you for the memories, the guidance, and how over the world we have been seen
As there is no nation luckier than Britain, for you are our Queen!

Happy Diamond Jubilee Year Your Majesty!

God Save The Queen!

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