British Monarchist League
Armed Forces Day 2011
  Thomas J. Muscatello-DeLacroix Mills
Secretary General, The British Monarchist League

As the Royal Family attended ceremonies throughout the United Kingdom in respect for those who have served, are serving, and have given so much in sacrifice for our great nation, a small group of protesters sent a huge message to the brave men and woman who serve our nation: “We have no respect for you”! The pressure group Republic staged not just a gathering, but an illegal protest outside the gates of Buckingham Palace on Armed Forces Day, to bring attention to their version of reporting on Royal Finances, before the Palace releases the years Royal Expenditure figures early next week. For an organisation that claims the crown is out of touch with the people, it is surely Republic and its followers who are truly the ones out of touch with the mood and feeling of our great nation.

Of all days on the calendar to stage a protest, Republic chose Armed Forces Day, to show the nation that they will stop at nothing to cause ill feeling and create a show of blatant disrespect not just towards the crown, but towards the men and woman who fight for the nation. By disrespecting the forces, Republic has disrespected more than our soldiers and the crown, but the entire nation as a whole on a day that should be revered as one of the utmost respect and pride for being British as displayed by our heroic people in uniform. For their protest, Republic had applied to the Royal Parks Agency for permission to hold their desired demonstration, but their request was denied as our laws clearly outline that any protests or demonstrations within the royal parks are illegal. As Buckingham Palace is considered to be under Royal Parks Authority and in a royal park, Republic ignored the decision of the Royal Parks Agency and ignored any possible legal implications of staging a protest, and continued to gather illegally in front of the Palace. As our Royals acknowledged the Armed Forces by participating in a tedious schedule of ceremony and parade to show respect, dignity and pride for our nation, a small group from Republic gathered in front of a darkened and vacant palace with banners and signs.

The leader of this band of unlawful protesters is none other than Graham Smith, who led the demonstration with one hand in his pocket and another on his megaphone in which little, if not any of his energy was exerted as his band of warriors carried out the majority of the protest holding their banners and signs that read “Tiaras or Teachers” , “Get your hands out of my pockets” and “Are we all in this together?”. Implicating that the crown spends frivolously on jewels, tiaras, and materials on a  daily basis (such as republicans accused Queen Maria Antoinette of), instead of supporting and giving reverence to the employment sector (as if the crown has any direct role in employing the public masses), Republic continued to plague the Victoria Memorial with their republican banter and 1789 rhetoric in front of a home in which there were no residents present to bear witness or be troubled by their illegal, pestiferous and unnecessary presence, on a day that should have been spent supporting and celebrating our citizens in uniform.

In a blatant show of disrespect to our soldiers and a keen disregard for our laws, Republic took it upon themselves to show the nation that they are a walking, talking, and breathing contradiction, in which they themselves feel entitled, above the law, and better than those who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us all (including illegal republican protestors) free. Republic has spent years attacking the crown and more directly Her Majesty the Queen for being aloof, expensive and not worth the money that is costs to run the monarchy. They have based years of their lives and their entire smear campaign of the crown on the simple but false basis that the crown is a band of entitled people, who are above the law, and see themselves as better than the “common” citizen of the United Kingdom. In today’s display, Republic has violated their own platform by adhering to the very ideology for which they attack the crown.

As is the case with this organisation, Republic seeks to gain as much media attention to advance their own illusions of being important, and have purposely staged their illegal protest to the release of royal finances, so that they can garner as much media coverage for their cause. Seeking nothing more than to be viewed as infamous, disrespectful, devious and criminal, Republic has really over stepped the mark by choosing one of the most important days in the national calendar, which is more than a slap in the face to the United Kingdom in whole. Armed Forces Day is a day of national celebration, a day of pride, and a day of respect for our soldiers. For a group such as Republic to protest their own over inflated and blatantly misleading series of lies regarding royal finances which they have used as propaganda to advance their dangerous and anarchical agenda, only further proves that these criminals will use radical, as well as illegal means to justify their warped and false views of our cherished and respected institution of Monarchy.

Next week when released, the royal finance report will prove that Republic is indeed a radical and disillusioned group of anarchists that seek to not only disrupt the workings of our government, but bring about the eventual destruction of our ways of life by the lies and misleading information they touted as fact in regard to the expenses of the crown. It is a sad day when those who commit crimes are not brought to justice for their wrongdoing, however if Republic were ever worth their weight in hot air, they just might have been worth prosecuting. On this special day, and out of respect for Her Majesty and for our Armed Forces in particular, thank you for your service and for your continued commitment to the protection of our shores and the people who inhabit them. Without you we would not be who, or where we are today. Your sacrifices are great, and your courage even greater and today above all others you are thought of, respected and cherished as an institution in your own right.

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