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Dear supporters,

One year ago today, I started the British Monarchist League in the hope that supporters of the monarchy could come together to provide an effective movement which would defend and promote the benefits of constitutional monarchy. The BML has been very fortunate over the past year to have made such great progress. The BML has featured in many media outlets and we also have had the chance to counter the republican movement on several occaisions. I feel that the monarchy is something we must strive to protect, it is an integral part of our history culture and heritage, along with that constitutional monarchy is a tried and tested means of governance which cannot be equalled by any other political system, It works so well that 15 Commonwealth nations have chosen to retain Queen Elizabeth II as Head of state and there are many other successful constitutional monarchies throughout Western Europe. Whilst recent polls tend to show a strong support for the monarchy we must never take for granted what we have, certain groups that operate within the United Kingdom wish to destroy what many of us Britons have fought so hard to preserve. I hope the BML will continue to grow in support of the monarchy, as a strong voice defending our oldest and most important institution.

It would be virtually impossible for me not to mention the upcoming Royal Wedding on Friday, which we and many millions around the world will have the pleasure of witnessing. The Royal Wedding should be a stark reminder to us all why the monarchy is such an important aspect of our national identity, by keeping our traditions alive we are preserving our freedoms for future generations. 40% of BML's supporters are aged between 18 to 25, This is extremely encouraging and with the launch of our new comprehensive website and membership scheme we will be able to gain even more support from patriotic loyal Britons and supporters of our constitutional monarchy based all around the world. 

On behalf of the British Monarchist League, I would like to thank you all for standing by us as we continue to grow in-to a fully developed organisation. The British Monarchy has a bright future ahead and our aim is to do everything we possibly can to keep it that way.

Yours Sincerely,

James Edgecombe 
Chairman & Founder

British Monarchist League

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