British Monarchist League
A message from the new chairman 

Dear Members 

We are fortunate that the benefits of a Constitutional Monarch are apparent and that Monarchism is undoubtedly the majority position in the United Kingdom today. Independent research clearly shows a preference for the retention of the Monarch as the head of state and the membership of the British Monarchist League can thus be seen to represent the voice of what is otherwise a silent majority in the UK. 

Despite our strong position, there remains an extremely vocal minority in the UK who oppose vehemently our constitution and way of life. It is our responsibility to meet this thread of republicanism where we find it, and to expose their potentially seductive arguments as being rooted in flawed ideology and based on dishonest distortions of the truth.  

As the incoming chairman of the British Monarchist League it is both a pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to continue this important campaign to give the British people the information they need to make an informed choice about their support of monarchism and to stand strongly and proudly against republicanism. This is a monarchy which benefits us all and enriches the nation and the Commonwealth. It does not exist to serve a minority. 

The Next Twelve Months 

I salute our outgoing chairman James Edgecombe for his initiative in setting up the BML in 2010 and thank him for all his hard work since, providing a solid platform for Monarchism and Monarchists alike. While I thoroughly intend to continue this work, there remains much to be done, and I hope to lead the vanguard in this respect. I believe the League has a great deal of potential to move forwards in both recruiting more members, and engaging differently with them too. By introducing a new category of contributing membership, we can generate the resources we need to advocate Monarchy in the public arena. 

As the league takes on an increasingly active role, it will be important for our membership to become more visible and ‘in the public eye’. To this end over the coming months the BML shop will open its digital doors and a range of merchandise, from the more formal staples such as lapel badges and brooches to informal classics like rugby shirts and hoodies will be available for purchase.  

Finally, another area in which I think the league has considerable room for expansion is the social side. I am glad that there are already plans afoot for a BML gathering on the Jubilee weekend – watch this space! In addition, to help engage members throughout the country in what is essentially quite a London-Centric organisation, I will be looking to recruit a number of Regional Vice-Chairmen over the next couple of months, who will be responsible for membership drives and social events in their geographical areas.  If you feel you have the energy and drive to help Monarchy in your area, I hope you’ll want to volunteer your time. 

While you are for now my fellow members, I sincerely look forwards to greeting you as friends.  

Floreat Windsor and God Save the Queen. 

Oliver Lane 
British Monarchist League

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